Monday, January 4, 2016

I Know You're Lying... Follow-Up on The Mighty

Right before Christmas 2015 I posted a letter to the editor of The Mighty that I had sent. Almost immediately I received a reply from Megan Griffo and I decided that I was not going to share her emails until:

1. She stopped communicating with me (ignoring)
2. If the emails became 'splainy and/or not at all constructive
3. If empty promises were made.
4. If The Mighty continued the same pattern that has been highly criticized by many.

All of the above, except #2, have been met. I was told by someone I trust that the email I received from Megan was almost identical to the emails that others had also received. (which is not a surprise to me). I've not had any correspondence from The Mighty since the morning of Dec 23., but yet they continue to publish/promote ableist articles on their Facebook page. That doesn't sound much like wanting to change. 

Below are the screen shots of her email to me and mine back to her... If you've been in contact with The Mighty, please let me know in the comments

Subject: Re: Feedback on Ableism and Improvements to The Mighty

Hi Kim,

You certainly were not wasting your time in writing this. Thank you not just for reaching out but for supplying me with real resources and insight. A lot of people would have read my post as mere damage control and opted out of answering my questions, and I'm so glad you've maybe given me the benefit of the doubt.

In the next few weeks, our team is talking to as many people in the community as possible. It's a step we should have done earlier; I regret that we didn't do it properly, but what I can do now is move forward from here. The Mighty has grown, yes, but we're still in what I consider our baby stages. This means we have a chance to evolve and get it right. 

I want to take more time to really soak in your email and read through all the links, people and organizations you've directed me to, but I wanted to respond ASAP to let you know how much I appreciate this. You don't know me personally and you certainly don't owe me anything, but please

don't owe me anything, but please know I'm sincere when I say I want The Mighty to actually serve the disability community. It won't happen overnight, but changes will happen. 

If you don't mind, I'll certainly be reaching out with questions that arise. 

I hope you have a wonderful holiday,


Thanks for responding so promptly. I'm sorry I was not able to return correspondence right away, the holidays make me ridiculously tired! I had sent my email before I was able to read the post "Let's have a Conversation" where you also said people could leave you with their phone number. I don't normally do phone calls because of my anxiety. but I am willing to have a real conversation with you guys. I want you to know I am very serious about helping you figure out how to change the narrative. So, my number is [redacted]. If you do decide to call can you please

If you do decide to call can you please give me a 24 hr. heads up about the day and time? 

Thank you again, 



  1. Patterns, patterns patterns! The Mighty don't want to change, they just want to shut us up! Thanks for writing this!!!!

  2. Oh, I have my emails that I sent with Vicki. Both were nearly 1000 words. The replies were barely 100 words. I have copies if you want to compare.

  3. I guess their idea of talking is really just finding a few of us on Twitter & giving us a token follow. Because that's about all I've seen them do. :) Good work at keeping this issue on everyone's radar!