Sunday, July 12, 2015

Allies : Are You Hurting Us Or Helping Us?

Originally posted to Autism Women's Network

I’m tired.
I’m tired of being told how I should and should not do activism. I’m tired of feeling like someone is always working against me when they claim to be working with me.
My entire life I have been told I’m not doing things right, need to do more and/or try harder , but I don’t put up with it anymore and I won’t put up with it in my activism either.
Allies are a super important factor to any civil rights movement. We need allies because the fact is some people won’t listen to us, but they will listen to the same message from a person of privilege.

Image description text reads: “Constant pressure to perform in ways that we really are not able to is not only unfair to us, it is discriminatory and oppressive” — The image background is square with a light blue center and fades out into white.
My favorite article on being an ally comes from the ASAN website and is written by Kassiane Sibley which you can read HERE. She admits being an ally is hard work and that we expect a lot out of our allies, which is very true.
She points out something I wish to expand on: Being an ally is not a conditional thing,  I’ve seen people who are supposed to be our allies and claim to be intersectional activists call out Disabled people and disability organizations that are ran by Disabled people because they didn’t *jump* fast enough for XYZ issue.

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