Saturday, December 21, 2013

Autism Speaks: Where Millions of Dollars Turns Into Thousands

By now you are probably aware of the boycott on Autism Speaks. We've been telling you a lot about the funding issues, the fear mongering and the lies.

I've done a great deal of reading and some research about funding issues as it pertains to Autism Speaks. Something clicked in my brain while I was doing this:

"What have they done for my state?"

That prompted me to do a little digging. I had to know, because once something like that gets into my head, I just can't get it out until I know the answer. So, I started doing a tad bit of research specific to my state and what I discovered were some pretty staggering lies,via their website and email communication with them.

The Autism Speaks website claims to have donated 62 million dollars to my area. I was actually pretty shocked at this number because we have no AS chapters here and we also do not participate in walks. 

So, I decided to use that nifty contact us option and ask some questions. I was doubtful about getting a response back, but I felt I had to try. I'm glad I did, because they did reply back.

I received two emails from AS, and within those emails I found out exactly how much funding was awarded to my state and for what. There is a huge discrepancy between what AS claims on it's website and the actual amount given. It's not even close to ONE million.

The truth is that under $40,000.00 in funds has been given to my state since 2008

Now,I'm not a math genius, but I don't even need to use a calculator to know that is a far cry from 62 million. 

This was what was found on their website

Click HERE for larger image 

The following is the email I sent:(note this is the only email I sent)

Click HERE for larger image

This is the reply I got from the AS contact person: 

Click HERE for larger image

Notice all the shameless plugs for the tool kits, walks and their response team (all of which are not concrete help for the autism community). 

Also, notice how she seems to be doing damage control because she probably knew I was onto something. 

Another thing I would like to point out is she did not mention research towards cause and cure in this message, I suppose that is the etc

Autism Speaks mission statement clearly states funding does go towards research for cause and cure.

Upon reading the first email from Autism Speaks I was doubtful they would actually get back with me as they had promised. but once again they surprised me. 

Here is the breakdown of funding she sent me.

What a shame they have to lie, but what else is new about them? Someone get them a bucket of water to sit in. 

 For more information on shady financials and website reporting for other states check out:

Autism Speaks Under Pressure, Doles Out Grants


  1. Thank you Kim for your advocacy and research.

    Lori D.

  2. That's pathetic. They lie and lie and lie. Have you seen my film "Citizen Autistic". You can watch it for free online at -

  3. 4 iPads one year and 6 another year.

    Why is that not *hundreds*? Particularly as Mississippi is one of the most poverty-stricken states in the union. I would think communication tools for families who can't afford them would be a #1 priority.

  4. Some more findings, right here on the internet.

    1. Editted my post to add that link, thank you!!!!